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Types Of Silicon Wafers

Prime Wafers

Also referred to as “device grade wafers,” these are the highest grade of polished wafers used in device fabrication. These wafers will have tight physical parameters, such as thickness, resistivity, flatness, particles, metals and overall cleanliness.

Typical Applications: Photolithography & Particle Monitors

Test Wafers (Virgin & Mechanical)

Virgin Test Wafers: These are wafers that have been rejected as prime because they do not meet some or all of the stringent prime wafer physical parameters as listed above. They can be very similar to a prime wafer, but will be lower cost.

Typical Applications: Equipment Testing & Statistical Control Monitors

Mechanical Test Wafers: Sometimes referred to as “dummy test wafers,” these wafers are similar to virgin grade except they will have much more relaxed specifications relative to all of the physical parameters.

Typical Applications: Process Evaluation & Equipment Monitors

Reclaimed Wafers

These are wafers that have been through some or all of the fab production process, but at some point, have been rejected. Rather than to dispose of the wafer, customers will send these wafers to NanoSil to reclaim the wafer so it can be re-used. Please click on Full Reclaim Process Flow in the Services Tab above for a complete description.

Thermal Oxide Wafers

These wafers go through a wet or dry thermal oxide or silicon dioxide (SiO2) process to grow an insulating, or dielectric layer on the wafer surface. Please click on Thermal Oxide in the Services tab above for a complete description of the process.

We also provide other wafer types including, but not limited to: SiC, SiN, InP, & Quartz/Fused Silica. Please contact us for more information.