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Reclaim Process Flow

1. Recieve

Upon receiving the shipment of wafers, Nanosil gives all customer wafers a unique lot number which will remain with the wafer batch through the process.


2. Sort

The sorting department is an area equipped with thickness and resistivity gauges. At this stage, we bin wafers into categories according to customer’s specifications.


3. Strip

This step calls for the removal of topology / film stacks that may be on either side of the wafer.


4. Polish

This process begins with removal of stock, focusing on surface planarization to eliminate scratches, pits, and any other surface defects.


5. Finish

This step represents our final buffing area, also known as the second stage polish. In this area, we ensure that each wafer will be haze-free.


6. Clean

Nanosil RCA clean uses a mixture of chemistries that include SC-1 and SC-2 processes. We also incorporate a megasonic cleaning step to ensure low LPD levels.


7. Thin Film Processing (TOX) – Optional

Thin film (thermal oxide) processing with thicknesses from 500Å – 100,000Å. Batch thickness uniformity of ±5% and within wafer uniformity of ±3%.


8. Quality Control Inspection

Each wafer that passes through this area is visually inspected by our quality control operators, focusing on customer specifications that have been agreed upon and tailored for each client.


9. Quality Assurance

If a single wafer fails, the entire batch returns back to QC inspection for a 100% review. If necessary, each batch will undergo 100% rework to meet all customer specifications.


10. Packaging

We organize and securely package all wafers for delivery based on individual customer specifications and shipping instructions.